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Videos using images

For those getting started you can create eye catching videos using just a set of commissioned photographer images. Combined with the right music, the right template, a few stock clips, a floorplan, a voiceover or even a presenting human avatar, you may be surprised at what can be achieved.

Videos using clips

For those wanting to take things up a notch with moving footage, presenter-led content and more cinematic flythroughs, you can get going with the phone in your pocket or use one of our recommended film kits. Captivate your audience with motion content to really showcase the flow and feel of a property.

Hit your social media goals with vertical videos.

Reel in the views, build your brand presence and captivate viewers with 15, 30, 60 and 90 second templates.




Showcase properties on your website and portals with wide videos.

Raise the bar and engage your audience with engaging video listings instead of just static images.

Voiceovers and maps

Guide your viewers around a property with a professional voiceover that highlights the key spaces, selling points, amenities, lifestyle and location. No need to record the voiceover yourself - just send us the script, choose your voiceover artist and our AI tools will do the rest. Add 3D map animations and graphics to emphasise a property’s location and highlight proximity to key transport links and points of interest.

A.I tours

For the camera shy or those wanting to avoid the pitfalls of audio and presenting to camera, you can pick from a range of male and female A.I presenters who can present the property for you. Much like with voiceovers, send us your script and our A.I tools will turn your text into a perfectly presented video - crisp audio and no ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ every time!


Create engaging guided virtual tours and walkthrough videos using the floorplan images you already have. We use animation and a standard 2D floorplan to help viewers see the layout and visuals of a property side by side. Combined with a voiceover, presenter or A.I presenter, you have an effective way to guide viewers around a property without the need for a 3D virtual tour or ‘dollhouse' tour – one click video that can be embedded anywhere.

Personal guided tours

We have a range of guided video tour templates for those looking to give viewers a more personalised and authentic experience. Personal guided tours can also feature lifestyle and location so get down to your favourite coffee shops, parks, bars and restaurants or use clips from our stock location and lifestyle library to showcase your knowledge as the local expert. Personalised videos are also popular on social media, so share on Instagram and TikTok to build your following, raise your profile and win more instructions.

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