Who can use it

Image of a real estate agent in her office with property listings in window behind her.

Real estate agencies

First Viewings is ideally suited to busy high street estate agents and specialist new homes teams looking to push the envelope with visual marketing. We know that agents are short of time, are not always experts in video and don't always have on-site marketing personnel to help with video creation. We make it quick and simple for the busiest teams with the least amount of time and resource to create high quality flythroughs, promos, guided tours, ads and area guides without the time drain, technical expertise or creative hassle.

Property developers

First Viewings is a great fit for local or national property developers looking to unpack the power of video to market schemes at all stages of the build. From CGI and floorplan templates for pre-completion sites to ads, promos, flythroughs and guided tours of staged units, communal spaces and the local area when you’re ready to launch. We have templates that cater for all ends of the market whether you’re looking for something short and snappy for the first time buyers or something glossy and premium for the HNWI’s. Have something specific in mind? Let us know as we can create custom videos too.

Image of property developers standing outside a new development.
Image of person typing at their computer browsing an online estate agency web page.

Online estate agencies

First Viewings helps online agents integrate video into the marketing mix without the time, cost and hassle of doing it in-house. We understand that a digital presence forms part of the DNA of an online agency. Online estate agents can partner with us and integrate a full suite of branded video templates into their own product offerings. This creates a great way for online agents to immediately generate new income streams and streamline the viewings process, whilst affirming a brand identity and a market position for digital innovation.

Property platforms

Property portals and holiday rental platforms can offer video listings out the box without the need to deliver video in house. Partner with us to offer your customers a suite of video templates that can be branded to fit seamlessly with your website, its colour palette, typography and iconography. Provide searchers with a richer video experience and give hosts and sellers access to professional videos that showcase their homes, villas, condos and chalets in a more engaging format than just a carousel of static images.

Image of person at their desk on computer looking at property and rental platforms like Airbnb online.