You can start shooting videos with the phone in your pocket!

If you want to up your production with a smartphone gimbal, pocket camera or wireless mic,
we can recommend the right kit set up for your teams.

Kit 1

Smartphone gimbal

Best for teams with modern smartphones

We recommend the smartphone gimbal for teams with access to modern smartphones (iPhone 12 or later models / Android equivalents). Modern smartphones have excellent video cameras, come with built in wide angle lenses as well as enhanced image stabilisation.

The smartphone gimbal creates the perfect companion for a modern smartphone and offers access to creative filming modes and advanced 3 axis image stabilisation technology for buttery-smooth, shake-free video.

The compact and foldable design together with the quick release phone clamp means getting going takes seconds - no balancing the phone and no fiddly fiddly set up. With over 6 hours battery life, the smartphone gimbal will never let you down.


Includes access to support and our free online training videos.

Kit 2

Smartphone gimbal & radio mics

Best for teams who also need the highest quality audio

This kit includes everything in Kit 1 and is ideal for teams that not only want to record shake free clips but also want to be in front of the camera and capture crystal clear audio wirelessly, from a smartphone. This could be for guided property tours, interviews, area guides or market updates.

The radio mic kit includes two transmitting lapel mics that can be attached to a person’s collar and a receiver that attaches directly to your smartphone. The twin transmitter lets you mic up two people concurrently, for example in a two person interview. The mics deliver excellent sound quality and wireless dual-channel recording at distances of up to 250 metres. They are simple to use, take seconds to set up and ensure premium audio capture for teams on the go.


Includes access to support and our free online training videos.

Kit 3

Pocket camera & radio mics

Best for teams who don’t have modern smartphones

This kit is designed for teams that don’t have modern smartphones with good video cameras.

The kit includes a small and portable high quality pocket camera that shoots crisp 4K video and takes 64 megapixel stills. You can sync your smartphone to the camera and use your smartphone as a viewfinder to see what you are recording in the app, but the pocket camera does all the work.

The camera is stabilised on a 3 axis gimbal that ensures smooth footage without bumps and shakes. It includes a single grip extension rod for added stability and more creative angles and birds eye views as well as a wide angle lens for increased perspective. It also includes a simple to use and high quality wireless mic for narrated guided tours, interviews, area guides and market updates.


Includes access to support and our free online training videos.

An image of the First Viewings film kit featuring the Canon R5C, Canon 14mm wide angle lens and DJI RS2 gimbal and bag.

Kit 4

Full frame mirrorless camera & gimbal

For teams who demand the very best

This kit is designed for teams who want to shoot professional-grade content like seasoned pros. The kit is the holy grail for filming property for those with some experience of photography or videography or those willing to learn the ropes.

The full frame mirrorless camera ensures crisp resolution even in low light conditions and lets you capture spaces with an ultra wide field of view without any image cropping. You can control the depth of field and unlock richness of colour for a truly cinematic look, whether in landscape or portrait mode. The 15mm lens creates a sense of space and flow in your footage that helps capture the tightest of spaces efficiently. The camera is stabilised on an industry-leading 3 axis gimbal that ensures buttery-smooth camera movement every time.


Includes access to support and our free online training videos.