Introducing the First Viewings App

Available for download at the App Store. Use the app to record, edit and upload professional property promo videos.


The FV App makes it easy for anybody to record a video. Once you've put your phone in the steadi-cam, simply login to the app , select the property and start recording your clips. Watch back clips at any time to check you've got the shot. When you’re done filming, hit Stop Recording.


When you have finished recording your clips, the FV app will automatically edit your footage in real time. Your raw clips will be turned into a polished video that will include logo animations, property detail animations, transitions, music and call to action animations. Your video will be edited in approximately 2-3 minutes.


Once your video has been edited, you can review it straight from the app before uploading to the FV Cloud. If you're not happy with any clip, you can go back and re-shoot or re-edit in one click.


When you're happy with your video, you can upload it to the FV Cloud straight from the app. You can either upload the video immediately when you're at the property or upload it later. To upload you will need to be connected to either WiFi, 3G or 4G. Speed of upload will depend on the strength of your connection so the better the internet the quicker the upload. On average, a 2 minute video will be in the cloud within a couple of minutes.

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