Introducing the First Viewings Cloud

Manage, publish and syndicate videos to your website, property portals and social media, manage your teams and track with detailed analytics.

Cross platform video player

A video player that renders quickly and beautifully and works across all devices and on all browsers so no Flash plug-ins are required. Adaptive bit-rate streaming means end users always see the highest quality video possible. A player that can be customer branded to adopt your company colour palette and allows for logo watermarking. The player also offers the flexibility to incorporate powerful social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Video analytics

The FV Cloud offers its detailed analytics module as standard to everyone. A user friendly interface makes digesting and analysing data in your market easy. Analytics data can be exported so you can keep historic records, compare performance, report back to vendors and make more informed decisions. With our analytics module, you can track how many people are watching, how long they are watching for, where they are watching from (country, city, location) and what devices and browsers they are using.

Team and video management

The FV Cloud makes it fast and easy to manage all offices, teams and individuals using the First Viewings platform. Adding or removing a new user takes a matter of seconds. FV Cloud's in-built roles and permissions tracker means you stay in control of who can see and do what. FV is built to cater for large international groups as well as single office agents. Large groups can roll out nationally or internationally under one roof simply and easily.

Video syndication

Syndicate videos to your website, property portals and social media in one click. With unlimited streaming, your content can be shared anywhere online and watched at anytime, from anywhere, on any device as many times as you like. The sharing economy means videos can be shared by email, text, WhatsApp, WeChat and social media, getting more eyeballs on your brand and on your client’s property. Video is shared socially 1200% more than text and pictures combined.

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