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If you’re looking to make a power play in your property marketing, video content could be your winning move. Research has shown that property professionals who use property videos get more enquiries, instructions and sales. But it’s not all in the numbers. Adding video content to your property listings can also position your company as modern
Making videos simple, fast and affordable.

The video platform for real estate

Forecasters predict that 84% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2020¹. The growing popularity of video among consumers is exciting news, but could trigger concerns for marketers who feel that video production is complex, costly and inaccessible. Particularly for those in the property industry, who can have thousands of listings live at any
At First Viewings, we want to make filming property videos simple, fast and affordable for real estate professionals. We’ve made the process so easy that you need no filming experience to create a property video in as little as 30 minutes. This guide shows you how. Stage One: Set up your property on the First